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About Us

Ariston Farm is all about the horses.  We strive to breed and develop competitive sporthorse athletes that can also be a best friend.  Our horses receive the utmost care during their development with special attention to feed, envrionment, farrier and veterinary needs.  


The heart of our breeding program lies in our special mares.  We believe that the broodmares play the most important role in producing the best sporthorses, mentally and physically.  As the saying goes, blessed are the broodmares!


In addition to breeding, we also develop young horses for dressage and jumping.  Young horses are raised in grassy pastures to develop strong bones and healthy bodies.  Each horse is evaluated as an individual and allowed to mature at its own rate.  We carefully and appropiately begin training to best suit each horse with a keen eye for a successful future.


Owner Kimberly Davies-Slous has been involved with horses her entire life - this can probably be attributed to her grandmother, who purchased the first rascally pony for her mother as a child.  The story goes that this was an unbroke Shetland pony which tended to buck off child after child at whim - not quite the ideal first pony.  In turn, Kim's mother also introduced her to horses at a young age, and she has been passionate about them ever since.  Kim competed through Preliminary level 3 -day eventing and obtained her HA rating in Pony Club.  She continued to ride and train young horses throughout college and while working a full time job in finance.  In 2006, her focus shifted to dressage as well as breeding.  The first foal that she bred was in 2007 and aptly named Ariston.  After getting married and starting a family, she is hoping to return to the competition ring in dressage.


Owner Jason Slous was introduced to horses when he met Kim, and, as it turns out, has a talent for handling and working with young horses.  He is also a great tractor driver.




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